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Are you in the market for an ergonomic chair that blends comfort, support, and functionality?

The ErgoSelect Spark XL Ergonomic Chair High Back with its 4-lever seat slide and adjustable features might be exactly what you need. 

This product review will delve into the features, benefits, and specifications of this office chair, making it easier for you to decide if it’s the right choice for your workspace.

Key Features of the ErgoSelect Spark XL Ergonomic Chair


Comfort and Ergonomics


The ErgoSelect Spark XL Chair is designed with your comfort and posture in mind. It features a supportive high back, adjustable arms, and a unique lumbar adjustment pump. 

These elements work together to ensure an ergonomically correct seating position, which is crucial for those spending long hours at a desk. The chair’s Laine Smart fabric upholstery adds to the overall comfort, providing a soft yet durable seating surface.


Advanced Adjustability for Personalised Comfort


One of the standout features of the ErgoSelect Spark XL is its extensive adjustability. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty 4 lever multifunction seat mechanism. 

This includes adjustable seat slide, ratchet height adjustable back, and a 130mm gas lift. These features allow you to tailor the chair to your specific needs, ensuring maximum comfort and ergonomic support.


Ergonomics and Health Benefits of ErgoSelect Spark XL Ergonomic Chair


Promotes Correct Posture


The ergonomic design of the ErgoSelect Spark XL encourages a proper seating posture. The adjustable lumbar pump ensures your lower back is always supported, preventing slouching and the resultant back pain.


Customisable to Fit Your Body


Every body is different, and this chair understands that. With its wide range of adjustability, you can tailor the chair’s settings to fit your body perfectly, ensuring maximum comfort throughout your workday.


Dimensions and Specifications


Understanding the dimensions and specifications is key to determining if this office chair is the right fit for your workspace:

  • Seat Tilt Angle: -5 to +6 degrees
  • Back Tilt Angle: -9 to +7 degrees
  • Seat Width: 525mm
  • Seat Height: Adjustable from 470 – 600mm
  • Seat Depth: 480 – 530mm (adjustable)
  • Sitting Hours Indicative: 8 hours daily
  • Armrest Height: 150 – 220 mm above seat
  • Weight Rating: Supports up to 160 kg
  • Certification: AFDRI Level 6
  • Guarantee: 10 years
  • Warranty Fabric: 3 years
  • OEM: 1X5-J3B-90

These dimensions make the ErgoSelect Spark XL a versatile choice for a wide range of body types. 


Practical Considerations for The ErgoSelect Spark XL Ergonomic Chair


Build Quality and Durability


The chair’s build quality is noteworthy. The black nylon base is robust, supporting a weight rating of up to 160 kg. Additionally, the 60mm twin wheel castors offer smooth movement on various surfaces. 

The Laine Smart fabric not only adds a sleek look but also promises durability. The chair is backed by a 10-year guarantee and a 3-year warranty on fabric, which speaks to its quality and longevity.


Certification and Sustainability


It’s also worth mentioning that the ErgoSelect Spark XL is AFDRI Level 6 certified, ensuring that it meets high standards for sustainability and environmental impact. This makes it a great choice for eco-conscious consumers.


Assembly and Delivery


While some assembly is required, the process is straightforward. However, for those who prefer professional assembly, this service is available for an additional fee. Keep in mind that delivery charges may apply, especially for regional areas, and can be confirmed at the time of order.


The ErgoSelect Spark XL Ergonomic Chair is a Wise Choice


The ErgoSelect Spark XL Ergonomic Chair is an investment in your comfort and health. Its blend of ergonomic features, adjustability, and modern design make it an ideal choice for anyone seeking to enhance their workspace comfort.

Interested in experiencing the ultimate comfort and support while working? Consider purchasing the ErgoSelect Spark XL Ergonomic Chair. 

You can order online or visit our showroom for a personal demonstration. Embrace comfort and functionality with the ErgoSelect Spark XL – your back will thank you!