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Explore our Range of Office Furniture

Office Chairs in Darwin

Office chairs are essential in the workplace, with Australian office workers spending about 6.3 hours daily sitting. Comfort and ergonomic support are key for productivity. 

We offer a range including managerial, leather, draughting chairs, and options for healthcare, hospitality, education, and more. Each chair is designed to meet specific needs in terms of duration of use, weight, and adjustability. 

Specialised chairs are available for unique body types, and accessories can be added for customisation. 


Office Desks in Darwin

The type of desk needed varies based on office tasks. Reception desks combine functionality with style to create a positive first impression. Regular office desks are built for durability, accommodating the daily demands of office work. Standard rectangular desks are versatile for individual or collective layouts. 

Workstations, offering additional space with a desk return, are designed for efficiency in L-shape configurations, suitable for various working styles and space maximisation. 

Our collection ensures continuity and style in the workplace, with precise measurements provided for seamless integration into your office layout.


Office Furniture Rental in Darwin

SBA Office National offers a flexible and convenient office furniture rental service in Darwin, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of businesses. Whether for short-term projects or longer-term requirements, our rental solutions provide a cost-effective way to furnish your office without the commitment of purchasing. 

Our range includes ergonomic office chairs, functional desks, and versatile workstations, ensuring your rented office space is both comfortable and productive. With SBA Office National, experience the ease and flexibility of office furniture rental, perfect for businesses in Darwin seeking practical and affordable solutions.


Education Furniture in Darwin

SBA Office National provides a tailored selection of education furniture for dynamic learning environments. Our range includes ergonomic student chairs, adaptable desks, and versatile classroom and library furniture to create engaging spaces. 

We also offer practical storage solutions like totes, book boxes, and tubs, alongside boards, planners, and accessories for effective lesson organisation and interaction. Each item is designed for functionality and durability, meeting the daily demands of classroom use.


Largest Range of Quality Office Furniture in Darwin at the Best Prices

SBA Office National stands as Darwin’s biggest supplier of quality office furniture. Located at the corner of Nylander St and Stuart Hwy, Stuart Park, our showroom showcases an extensive selection of office furniture that combines ergonomics, style, and functionality. 

Understanding the diverse budget requirements of different businesses, we offer competitive pricing across our range of office furniture. This approach ensures that quality and style are accessible to all, providing great value for money.

Browse our comprehensive range of office furniture, each tailored to meet the specific demands of your workplace, only at SBA Office National.


Why Choose SBA Office National for Your Office Furniture Needs?

Local Expertise, Global Standards

As a 100% Territory owned and operated business, we bring a blend of local understanding and global quality standards. Our deep roots in the Darwin community enable us to offer personalised service that truly understands your needs.

Fast, Local

We know that time is of the essence. That’s why we offer fast local delivery to get your office set up without delay. For remote orders, we ensure that your furniture is packed with care, ready for the journey ahead.

Commitment to Community

Our dedication goes beyond selling furniture. We are committed to the NT community, with a focus on local employment and supporting Territory businesses.

The Ideal Office Environment in Darwin

Creating the perfect office environment starts with the right furniture. At SBA Office National, we offer:


Office Chairs:
Ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency.

Office Desks:
A variety of styles and sizes to fit any office space.

Office Furniture Rental:
Flexible options for short-term needs.

Education Furniture:
Durable and practical solutions for educational settings.

Top Selling Office Furniture

Office Chairs


Office Desks


Office Furniture Rental


Education Furniture

From our "Buy Local Plan" to our extensive community involvement, we are more than just a furniture supplier – we are a partner in the growth and success of Darwin's businesses and educational institutions.

Get in Touch

For more information, or to discuss your office furniture needs, contact us today. Visit our showroom, order online, or give us a call. Our friendly team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect office furniture solutions for your business.



1. Can I view your office furniture range before purchasing?

Absolutely! Visit our showroom at the corner of Nylander St and Stuart Hwy, Stuart Park to explore our extensive range. Our friendly staff will assist you in finding the perfect furniture for your office.

2. Do you offer delivery services for office furniture in Darwin?

Yes, we do. We offer fast local delivery to ensure your office furniture arrives promptly and safely. Special packaging is available for remote orders to ensure your items arrive in perfect condition.

3. Can I get assistance in selecting the right furniture for my office?

Certainly. Our experienced account managers are on hand to help you select furniture that fits your office’s needs and budget. They can provide personalised recommendations and solutions.

4. Are your office furniture products environmentally friendly?

Yes. We are committed to sustainability and offer a range of eco-friendly office furniture options. Our products are designed to be durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements.